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Overview, function and application of mesh products

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What are the applications of mesh

Silk screen is a general term for a class of silk fabrics, also called screen. It can be made with chemical fiber, silk, metal wire mesh, etc. through a certain processing technology. The screen application industry involves: industrial, agricultural, scientific, technological and national defense. Covering high-tech cutting-edge technology, high-tech industries, food, clothing, housing and transportation, cultural life, and synchronous development with the national economy. It is closely related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. For example: aerospace, printing, printing and dyeing, electronics, mining, medicine, grain, food, chemical and other industries.

What functions does the mesh have?

The screen has four functions: screening, filtering, fixation and printing. In addition, the wire woven screen is also used for solid particles, powder screening, liquid gas filtration and purification, screen printing and skeleton support in petroleum industry mud screen, chemical fiber electroplating industry pickling screen, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, automobile, ceramics, glass and other industries.

What are the aliases of various series of mesh products

Screen alias: screen; Alias of bed net: spring net, pedal net; The alias of Gouhua Net: rhombic net, rhombic net, movable net; Red copper wire mesh alias: shielding mesh; Alias of black silk cloth: low carbon steel wire mesh, iron cloth; Phosphorus copper wire mesh alias: tin bronze mesh; Nickname of dense net: mat type net, Dutch cloth; Punching net alias: plate hole net; Highway and railway guardrail net alias: guardrail net; Alias of large automatic mesh welding machine (patented product): automatic row welding machine; PVC screen alias: plastic coated screen; Alias of ore screen mesh: slotted screen piece, plate, cylinder, basket; Alias of steel plate mesh: pulling plate mesh, plate mesh; Alias of conveyor belt net: threading net; Embossed net alias: pre bending forming net; Alias of construction network: Geothermal Network, Shule Board Network; Window screen alias: mosquito net; Alias of sample separating screen: standard screen, testing screen, cement screen, gravel screen, grain screening screen, analytical screen; Blade barbed wire (patented product) alias: knife type barbed wire, fence protective net; There are many aliases for screen printing, such as silk paint printing, silk screen printing, silk screen printing, paste screen printing and screen printing.

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